Empathize, envision, and then map the way there.

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We believe strategic innovation starts with understanding the holistic experience.

Asking for your customers’ or users’ opinions will get you only so far. To ensure your product sticks, it’s important to focus on user behavior and context.

We help you uncover the “why”—and discover innovative solutions—through design thinking. We prioritize qualitative user research in our design process and synthesize insights through an interdisciplinary lens to ensure both the user experience and the learning experience are accounted for. With actionable data, we prototype designs and develop concepts that will delight your customers.


Design Research & Strategy

We can design a custom project to meet your needs—whether you’re starting with big-picture questions about what to make, wondering how to connect the dots between several experiences, or interested in validating whether your current design is working as intended.

  • Discovery research (ethnography, contextual inquiry)
  • Current-state experience mapping
  • Usability testing with adults and kids 
  • Comparative product reviews / heuristic analysis



If you’re starting out with solid user research, alignment activities that focus on mapping end-to-end experiences can move you forward in a relatively short and structured period of time. They give multiple stakeholders a voice and empower you to make decisions.

  • Service blueprinting
  • Future-state experience mapping
  • Story mapping and feature prioritization workshops


Concept Prototyping

We design product prototypes to validate ideas and serve as the north star your program teams will need. Low-fidelity interaction models are especially helpful for software teams working in agile development.

  • Interaction modeling / wireframes
  • Information architecture and phased site maps 
  • Service design prototypes


Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking isn’t just for designers. Design thinking workshops that focus on “lean user experience” activities are great for motivated teams who need to generate or test out ideas quickly. We provide the framework to get your group started and model the process so that you’re comfortable carrying forward activities yourself.

  • Rapid ideation / sketching / prototyping
  • Lean usability testing and analysis

Marcy ... helped me understand how crucial it is to have user experience lead on a software implementation program. She is a champion at understanding where the users’ pain points are and at helping the business teams think holistically before landing on a solution.


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