Strategic thinking. Hybrid talent.

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We want to transform the learning experience as much as you do.

If you have big-picture design challenges in the education space that require research and systems thinking, you can count on us to help you get results through human-centered methodologies.

Our framework is design thinking, an empathic process that involves behavioral and cognitive research, strategy, ideation, and prototyping.



In our work, we draw from the learning sciences, cognitive psychology, interaction design, linguistics, cultural studies, and teaching. We’re avid learners. We dive in to understand both your context and your particular technical needs. (We get to know the code stack and back end.)


We CAN talk shop with both educators and engineers.

We have on-the-ground experience in both education and software development. We know what it’s like to plan a syllabus and serve on a curriculum committee—as well as what it’s like to participate in a daily stand-up and articulate design decisions to executive stakeholders.


When we call you a “partner,” we mean it.

In our relationship with you, we strive for authenticity, open communication, and trust. We commit to honoring and strengthening the talents of your team. 

You can expect us to back our designs and recommendations with sound evidence. In return, we’ll expect you to participate and be present at critical moments in our process: kickoffs, workshops, check-ins, and timely reviews.

Ready to work together?



Marcy Van Horn, Founder

Metaxu UX was founded by Marcy Van Horn, a seasoned UX strategist and interdisciplinary designer who started her career teaching linguistics and technical communication to design and engineering students.

Since that time, Marcy has worked in a variety of contexts on complex projects—from multi-phase software transformation endeavors to non-profit program and service design.

Marcy is a master of metaphor and of simplifying the complex. In operating Metaxu, Marcy works most often as a team of one. She engages a network of partner practitioners for larger projects.


metaxu = the between

“The essence of created things is to be intermediaries.” —Simone Weil